PVC Gypsum Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, False Ceiling, Drywall Plasterboard, Plaster Cornice, T-Grid.


Our company is located in Shandong, the most famous gypsum industry hub in China and the world. The main products of our factory is pvc vinyl laminated ceiling tiles board, gypsum board, plasterboard and acoustic ceiling tiles for commercial buildings.

gypsum ceiling tile map


Our company is the leading manufacturer of gypsum based products such as plasterboard and cornice, as well as compounds, adhesives, specialty plasters and associated finishing materials and accessories. We supplies a comprehensive range of high performance products and systems for many applications to meet fire, acoustic and thermal requirements across all s​egments of the construction industry.

Quality Gypsum and Plasterboard

We win our market with  high quality, good price and services. We grow with our customers. We enhance their market presence with our premium quality products. If you are looking for a building products supplier, contact us!